Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Tier 2

Initially students will receive CBT, since this effectively softens barriers; this type of therapy is solution focused therapy and is well documented and evidenced for quick results. It is mainly used to deal with unhealthy believes, strong emotional reactions and their subsequent resultant behaviours. CBT does not require the student to discuss any past history and this becomes an ideal platform for beginning therapy and gaining parental support. Eventually by targeting negative emotions it allows students to open up to the benefits of Psychotherapy and this type of therapy deals with the root cause of behavioural and emotional difficulty, it does not just prevent emotional disturbances it removes them and the subsequent symptoms. CBT also filters well into boundary setting within the school. It enables professionals to set targets for groups or individual students encouraging the whole school approach to therapy. REBT can also be used to work with groups and is particularly useful for developing self-esteem.

 Psychotherapy – Tier 2 – 3

Psychotherapy is more of a long term therapeutic technique; it is very powerful in identifying and helping to remove the roots of emotional and behavioural disturbances as opposed to just identifying negative thoughts and beliefs and changing them. This type of therapy also opens up the possibility of systemic work with student families to help improve relationships and dynamics at home. Psychotherapy can help students become more authentic especially those with identity issues, this can help us tackle exploitation, addictions, and gang / anti-social affiliations.

Staff support – Tier 1

Teachers will also be expected to set a strong boundaries which is a goal in individual therapy, help deliver emotional literacy, promote the humanistic approach, and avoid using negative emotions as forms of behavioural control. Staff development and knowledge is key in promoting the therapeutic approach. It is important that we do not undo the good work that is already being implemented.