Initially during the first month the onsite therapists will not engage while students build trusting relationships, therapists will integrate with the general life of the school whilst maintaining professional distance. During this time staff will also start delivering emotional literacy programs and begin implementing the humanistic approach across the school. If students can understand their own emotions it speeds up the process of any type of therapy.

Therapy based on CBT will last for a period of 6 – 12 weeks. The on-site therapist will also work alongside behaviour managers, SLT and Staff so that effective and consistent SEN / SEMH targets are set and monitored in students. The therapist will have access to the strengths and difficulties questionnaire in a spreadsheet format so that this can be used to measure progress a two set points during the year. The therapist will also do an assessment of SEMH using the Star System and this will also form a baseline for therapeutic progress and again this is kept on a spreadsheet. Therapists are also required to keep ongoing detailed clinical notes, and therapeutic progress is discussed in fortnightly meetings with the head of therapy and an end of term therapeutic report is completed for SLT and the head of therapy. After CBT had ended the therapist will move onto Psychotherapy and more long term goals are set depending on the individual needs of the students.