Staff at Serenity School

In our school we believe that all staff should be involved in supporting pupils with special educational needs and so we make sure that staff has training to help them do this.

This year our staff have all had training for a range of roles and responsibilities that ensure they perform to the best of their ability and pupils get a quality education.

We have had statutory safeguarding training as well as specific focused training on all 6 parts of safeguarding and child protection. Ms Ayisi our Head of School and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead Person at School. In his absence Mr Jason Davis is the Deputy DSL.

Through our focused work on First Aid and Health and Safety at School and work we have had Epipen, Epilepsy, Diabeties, Asthma training, Managing Anger & De-Escalation strategies to support colleagues in moments of stress, ensuring pupils are always safe.

Focused training and development on ADHD and ASD will add greatly to the overall quality of teaching, learning and assessment. All staff has been training to a high standard to use Doddle our assessment platform. This enables staff to monitor, track and evaluate progress of each pupil rapidly and set intervention and support so that pupils do not fall behind.

As well as this some staff have been trained for different aspects of special educational needs including precision teaching all staff are PRICE trained. See full CPDL staff Programme attached as a download.

Staff Chart