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At Serenity School we support pupils who have Educational and Health Care Plan’s (EHCP’s). Many of our pupils have a combination of Autism with other Special educational needs and disability (SEND) difficulties. We pride ourselves on being able to support pupils regardless of their needs and past experiences.

This means we create bespoke packages for pupils whilst developing close liaisons with many other professionals to ensure that pupils increase their social development as well as receiving a well thought out and creative academic and vocational pathway, this includes both therapeutic and academic support throughout their schooling.

Education and health care plans (EHCP ‘s) are issued by the children’s service authority after a period of assessment. These outline the areas of need, leaning objectives, appropriate strategies and support levels. We aim to contentiously update these EHCP’s so that pupils have a progressive education that aims to build upon continuous assessment and development.

When we receive an EHCP this is thoroughly assessed by our accredited Psychologists to ensure that we can maximize the outcomes of each pupil and ensure that we are the most appropriate place for them. If there is any uncertainty then we offer a period of assessment so that parents and carers, pupils and other professionals are included in the decision making and referral process. Ultimately we want our pupils to be part of the process and not feel anxious, they must feel safe, supported and cared for during this difficult transition.

If you are a parent or carer who would like to know more about your role in the referral process then please feel free to contact our head of referrals at referrals@serenityschool.org.uk.