Senior Team

Senior Team

Mr Jude Onye – Headteacher

Ms Charmaine Ayisi – SENDCO

Mr Jason Davis – Senior Teacher – Head of Character Education

TBC – Senior Teacher – Head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment


Board of Governors

Mrs M Armstrong – Chairperson with responsibility for safeguarding

Linda Brown – Responsibility for SEND & Pastoral provision 

Carol Scott-Mchale – Responsibility for Teaching, Learning & Performance appraisal



Student Leadership Team

Each member of the Student Leadership Team will be an Agent of Change, holding responsibility for one of the five core principles of positivity at Serenity School. Together they will lead by example and role model change, promoting a school culture whereby all pupils find pleasure through succeeding in learning: building skills, knowledge and understanding.

Oliver Knight,
has excellent communication skills and he demonstrates this with the way he cares for his peers, he also can take the lead in a conversation. Oliver is a kind natured student who befriends all the new students when they begin their education at Serenity School. It has been recognised that Oliver is keen to support his peers in their educational studies. Oliver has a great understanding to his peers needs and he shows empathy if they are struggling with their emotional or educational needs. In addition, Oliver can motivate his peers, so they have a positive attitude to their education and our School values.

Tyrell Gordon-Jenkins,

is a caring student, he always makes the effort to make the new students feel welcome in Serenity School. Tyrell is a trustworthy student who is always willing to help his peers. He takes care of his appearance and this is recognised because he always attends school in immaculate uniform. He is a great leader and he demonstrates these skills in his P.E. lessons
particularly with his enthusiasm and determination that inspires his peers to participate in the lesson. Tyrell is confident to stand up for what he believes is right and he champions the Serenity Schools values. Tyrell is not afraid to ask for assistance to support the best interests of his peers and his self.

Ross Lazenby,

is an intelligent student who is always willing to help his peers, hence the reason he is a popular member in his class and in the school. Ross’s friendliness has been recognised by all the teaching staff at Serenity School and the students, particularly the new students that have begun their education at this establishment because they always approach him due his kindness. Ross has excellent motivation skills, and this is backed up by the way he motivates his peers to complete their educational assignments. Due to his motivation and positivity this makes Ross an excellent leader and this is one of the paramount reasons why has been chosen to be a student leader.

Kieran Richt,

demonstrates excellent leadership skills when he is asked to lead his peers particularly when he represents their views to the teaching staff. Due to his great understanding of his peers needs, Kieran is always prepared to represent their views in debates. Kieran is an intelligent and trustworthy student who will always try to motivate his peers to represent the school’s values. Kieran has excellent creative ability where he will organise structural formats to meet his peers needs and he is always prepared to take on responsibilities to enhance the improvement of Serenity School.

Jared Williams,

is a natural leader and this is highlighted with the way he leads his peers in the school. Jared can motivate his peers to participate in their academic studies when they are in a low mood and he also can diffuse disagreements amongst his peers with diplomacy. In addition, it has been recognised that Jared is an excellent communicator particularly when he is delegating his peer’s views to the teaching staff. Due to his excellent communication skills, he is a perfect student to give feedback to his peers from the Student Leader meetings.