Serenity Education Group

Serenity Education Group is a team of like-minded people invested and focused on school improvement across Southeast England and the quality of education in our schools.

Each member of the Group has a wealth of experiences gained in education, law, business, human resources. In addition, members have all spent time in more than one sector of education as well as industry.

From our HQ in Redhill, Surrey, we have expert, hands-on teams in finance, estates, IT, HR and recruitment, legal, marketing, clinical services and, most importantly, educational improvement services.  Our central team are available to our schools as a resource to use on an ongoing basis to ensure quality and value added at each school supporting our headteachers in the pursuit of excellence.

Our vision, from the start, has been to provide a holistic education to all pupils at Serenity who have an EHCP. We stand committed to our mantra “Excellence from Enrolment to Graduation”. This is so important when supporting pupils and families who manage complex issues in their lives daily and over time. We have three facets woven into our curriculum ethos and a core value system at all our schools.

Inclusion has many forms but one principle, the right of a person to have the same opportunities and respect as anyone else

Independence: With high expectations and through dynamic and challenging learning opportunities, we seek to provide an outstanding, personalised provision in which each child is enabled to shine.

Self-worth: The values, worth and skills to thrive in our mainstream world. Through the power of learning, our pupils will engage in our world with advancing confidence at an individual level.

SED Team

Chair of SED. Group Proprietary Board and Chief Operating Officer: Mrs E Emezie

Chief Executive Officer: Mr G McCullough

Director of SEND and Place Commissioning: Ms C Ayisi

Executive School Business Manager: Ms K Jones

Estates Manager:  Mr L Mears

Address: Robert Denholm House, Bletchingley Road, Nutfield Surrey RH1 4HW


Telephone: 01737824010 Ext:4050

Chair of Board

Ebere Emezie

Our School Performance

Summary for the Stakeholders

Excellence from Enrollment to Graduation

Our reputation is built on a persistent pursuit of excellence based on our values of:

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