Education Support

We aim to have every child in our school ‘accessing education’ as soon as it is possible. Therefore we make a commitment that every child will leave Serenity School with a minimum of five good qualifications including numeracy and literacy.

Contact to discuss child needs

The School aims to meet the special educational needs (SEN) of all our pupils as defined in our SEN policy. We do this by applying the principles of our Socio-Education Model to each individual pupil who is individual, different yet the same to us at Serenity School.

If you are concerned about your child’s learning or progress in a particular subject, you can contact in the first instance their subject teacher, tutor or the relevant Head of Year. If the concerns are in regard to learning need please contact the Deputy Head/Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) directly.

Assessing Children

We conduct baseline testing in literacy and numeracy for all new students in order to identify any additional learning needs that may require support. We test to set a standardised score in numeracy and literacy. We aim to ensure all pupils are at least in the average range of 90 – 120. Those pupils either side will be provided with additional support and resources to catch up or excel further.

Teachers regularly monitor and assess student progress, using the information to respond to individual needs.

Teachers regularly monitor rates of progress and identify pupils not making progress. There is an extensive range of support strategies on offer to ensure all pupils are striving to achieve in year and at the end of key stages.

Each term all students are reviewed by termly assessments and an action planning meeting.

Informing Parents & Careers

Tutors have a weekly dialogue with parents and will talk to parents about behaviour, achievement, progress and attendance. Parents and carers are welcome to contact the school with any concerns and advice can be sought from individual subject teachers on how to support your child at home.

Updates on Progress

There are a number of opportunities through the academic year for parents to talk with staff. In addition, reports are sent each term to coincide with Academic Review Days.

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