Welcome to Serenity School.

We are a unique provision following a holistic approach to education and childhood development. We cater to pupils with a range of learning needs, and we pride ourselves on our persistent pursuit of excellence for each child, from enrolment to graduation. 

Serenity was formed to promote individual and collective INCLUSION, INDEPENDENCE and SELF WORTH. We do this by way of our SOCIO-EDUCATION Model that runs through the very core of our 3 Tier Curriculum which guarantees outcomes for each child in five key aspects of their learning. Each child is therefore supported to make meaningful and measurable Academic, SEND, Engagement, Enrichment and Therapeutic progress during their time with us, ensuring that they leave us with the skills and qualifications they need to be able make positive contributions to the society. 

At Serenity School, we Care, Value and Challenge every member of our school community (Students and staff) to be the best version of themselves, and to always look to improve in the 5 areas of Self Effectiveness: 

  • We Look after ourselves  
  • We look after each other  
  • We look after our learning  
  • We look after our school, community, our world 
  • We look after our future 

We hope that this website gives you a sense of who we are and  the opportunities on offer here. Please feel free to contact us if there is any further information that we can provide. 

Mrs Ebere Emezie

Chair of Proprietary Board

Welcome to Serenity School.

Through experiences gained we recognise that the well-being and academic achievement of the majority of young people is significantly accelerated by addressing the root causes of behavioural, emotional, social difficulties, and without this some young people simply cannot access education. Inclusion has many forms but one principle, the right of a person to have the same opportunities and respect as anyone else.

We find pleasure through succeeding in our learning: building skills, knowledge and understanding. We actively promote our belief that each child and adult feel valued for their own personal worth and contribution.

Chair of Governors

Ebere Emezie

Excellence from Enrollment to Graduation

Our reputation is built on a persistent pursuit of excellence based on our values of:

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