Welcome to our CEIAG section!

Our aim is to provide our pupils with a foundational understanding of the world of work and the various career paths available. We believe that early exposure to career education can inspire curiosity, broaden horizons, and support future aspirations, particularly for pupils with Special Education Needs and Disabilities.

What is CEIAG?

CEIAG stands for Careers Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance. It encompasses a range of activities and programmes designed to introduce children to the concept of careers and help them understand the skills they will need in the future.

Why is CEIAG Important?

  • Inspiration and Aspiration: Early exposure to different careers can spark interest and motivation in pupils.
  • Skill Development: Learning about various professions helps children understand the importance of developing a wide range of skills.
  • Future Planning: It encourages pupils to think about their future and set goals, even at a young age.
  • At serenity School, we understand that each child is unique, and our approach to CEIAG reflects this:
  • Personalised Learning: Tailored activities that meet the individual needs and interests of each pupil.
  • Supportive Environment: Creating a safe and encouraging space where children feel comfortable exploring new ideas.
  • Collaboration with Specialists: Working with occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and other professionals to ensure our CEIAG activities are accessible to all.

How We Implement CEIAG

1. Interactive Career Sessions

  • Guest Speakers: We invite professionals from various fields to talk about their jobs and answer questions.
  • Virtual Tours: Online visits to workplaces help pupils visualise different job environments.

2. Classroom Activities

  • Role-Playing: Activities where children can act out different jobs, such as doctors, teachers, or firefighters.
  • Career Storytime: Reading books and stories that highlight various professions and the skills they involve.

3. Skill-Building Workshops

  • Problem-Solving: Games and puzzles that enhance critical thinking and teamwork.
  • Creative Projects: Art and craft sessions that encourage creativity and innovation, skills useful in many careers.
  • Clubs and extra-curricular activities: Variety of clubs and activities that expose pupils to skills they will require in the world of work

4. Parental Involvement

  • Career Days: Parents are invited to share their job experiences and explain their daily work routines.
  • Home Projects: Activities and discussions that can be continued at home to reinforce learning.

Get Involved
We encourage parents and carers to actively participate in their child’s career education journey. If you would like to contribute or have any suggestions, please contact us through the school’s main office.
For more information, please contact our school’s CEIAG coordinator. Together, we can help our children dream big and achieve their potential!

Click the link below to view the CEIAG Policy:

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