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Dear parents
Welcome to Serenity School Eltham, set in the Eltham Palace Grounds, a fabulous learning space with a real sense of nurture. Our school is an all through school for both boys and girls aged 5 to 19yrs. We welcome pupils with an EHCP who have a diagnosis of Autism and other related SEMH difficulties.
At Serenity School, We Care, Value and Challenge every child to achieve their true potential. In doing so, we improve life chances of our young people through an unwavering commitment to Inclusion, Independence and Self Worth for all learners. We can confidently say this because our curriculum is designed to deliver a holistic approach to education and childhood development.
We very much look forward to working with a whole range of young people, families and wider stakeholders


We specialise in academic and therapeutic methods to motivate SEND students who struggle to engage with mainstream school. We also excel in re-engaging students who for some reason have become a school non-attender, or home tuition.

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All you need to know about our policies – from first aid, safeguarding to accessibility. A useful area for parents/guardians to keep informed with procedures.

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Through experiences gained we recognise that the well-being and academic achievement of the majority of young people is significantly accelerated by addressing the root causes of behavioural, emotional, social difficulties, and without this some young people simply cannot access education. Inclusion has many forms but one principle, the right of a person to have the same opportunities and respect as anyone else.

We find pleasure through succeeding in our learning: building skills, knowledge and understanding. We actively promote our belief that each child and adult feel valued for their own personal worth and contribution.


The values, worth and skills to thrive in our mainstream world


Through the power of learning, our pupils will engage in our world with advancing confidence at an individual level.


With high expectations and through dynamic learning opportunities, we seek to provide an outstanding, personalised provision in which each child is enabled to shine.


We create an environment in which pupils, their families and our staff are happy, safe and engaged in exploring our world. 

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This is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop YOU or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you have seen SUFFERING..


Our curriculum is individualised, creative, innovative and flexible allowing for the needs of each pupil to be met. It aims to promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of the pupils as well as their intellectual and physical development.

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Key Stages

Meeting the needs of pupils within a richly imaginative, creative, exciting, inspiring, challenging, fun & dynamic curriculum.

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Education Support

More information on our student centred support network

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