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Dear Parent/Carer,

RE: Whole School Closure for all students

Happy New Year!

Further to another U-Turn from the Government today, Serenity School Eltham will now be closed to all pupils. All primary schools across London have been asked to provide remote learning for all children for the start of term. Hence the reason to close the whole school.

This situation is being monitored closely by the Government and as the information is shared, I will update you on when the students can return physically to school.

Therefore, from Tuesday 5th January 2021, all students will have remote learning posted to them via work packs for the next two weeks.

Please note that if you are a Key Worker, there will be a provision in the school set up for these students to access the remote learning whilst at school. We need to have specific names and numbers for this provision to ensure that everyone is kept safe. If you feel that you require this provision please can you email Mrs Phillips on: indicating your child’s name, Tutor Group/Form Tutor and your Key Worker role then we will be able to support you. If you could email before Monday 4th January 2021 in the morning that would be appreciated, so that a list can be compiled. We will contact all those eligible on Monday afternoon to explain the instructions for this provision.

Additionally, please could you also email Mrs Phillips if you are eligible for Free School Meals vouchers for the weeks that the school remains closed.

I can only apologise for the late notice of the school closure, but we appreciate your continued support and co-operation regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Samantha Hoyer