We are very proud of all the Year 11 pupils for their determination, resilience, and wonderful teamwork over the past year(s). Throughout the two lockdowns, the young people at our school have continued to work hard, progress and attain. It has been amazing to see how they have embraced all the changes over the last year and yet still each one of them have been highly successful.
All Year 11s have graduated with 5 or more qualifications including English and math and now begin the transition to either our 6th form or a college of their choice. We look forward to seeing how they progress and develop through to work and adulthood in the years to come.
It is also hard to say goodbye to our little school site at Croydon, that has served us all very well over the past years and was like a big family home away from home for the pupils and staff. It is a central aim of Serenity School to embrace a culture at school of family, based on inclusion and equality, independence, and self-worth. As we prepare for the move to our new school campus at Rowans Hill, Chipstead, Couldson, we will as ever work hard to ensure we keep the nurture feel of the small school setting at Croydon yet with greater space and facilities improve our curriculum further and challenge our pupils to even greater heights.
As we plan for the move, we have also redesigned our curriculum to support wider participation of pupils in our school community. See our new prospectus for more detail. You might just recognise some of the young gentlemen! School perspective
We also had an amazing summer term, so please check out the Summer Newsletter
Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful summer!
Ms Ayisi

Quarantine Quests:

During this time we encourage the school community to do things that will help you to boost your well-being and mental health. We have enjoyed hearing stories about our pupils cooking and gardening as well as taking nature walks while at home. Learning takes many forms and for many of our boy practical learning is key. We encourage parents to not only complete work packs and guided learning shared by school but also play boardgames, go for long walks, cook new exciting meals, meditate or even learn a new craft like knitting!

We are really pleased to of been sent some beautiful photos taken by Ross in year nine. The pictures really brightened up our day! If you have any pictures that you would like to share with us showing us what the boys are getting up to during quarantine please email them to

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Children in Need

Children in Need! we decided to come to school in our pyjama’s! We raised £25.00.

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of the national campaign for anti-bullying, the students and staff at Serenity School joined in to support the cause! We all wore odd socks! and here is our new Anti-Bullying “One Kind Word” spider display!!

Our Recent Trips

As part of our new starter and legacy student introduction week, we decided to undertake three offsite trips. As part of our continued approach to personal development and developing our learner’s independence, we used public transport throughout the week. We started our journey each morning meeting at Coulsdon South station, our journey for this trip […]

Anime and gaming con London trip

We came from the main entrance and stood in awe at how beautiful the building was then we went to get our VIP wristbands which allowed us to enter the gaming section but instead we went to the merchandise hall and had a look around. This is a picture of one of the first merchandise […]

Resilience during lockdown

Our pupils all continued to work really hard during the lockdown and showed great resilience through a nationally challenging period. We would like to thank Ross for his weekly updates to school, where he shared all of the great work he completed from home.

Visit to The Horniman Museum

Students had great fun at the Horniman Museum. They had Multi-sensory opportunities in the galleries including taxidermy animals and live specimens (bee hive and harvest mice), they observed in the Nature base, sound tables in the music gallery and explored the outdoor space with musical instruments.

It’s a Knockout!

Boxer Visits Serenity School. The popular “punching preacher” visited the school in the summer term and had an assembly with the boys. He encouraged the boys to aspire for the best and channel their energy to positive thinking.

Careers Day

Careers Day @ Croydon College Boys get a taster day of what’s on offer locally for future career prospects Boys receive valuable first hand information from course leaders on what they need to achieve at GCSE to gain a place Pupils and staff get involved in hands on practical activities in the College classrooms Boys […]

Day out at the Museum

Some of our Key Stage 3 pupils enjoying a great day out at the Museum where they learned about …

Mothers Day Preparations

Mothers Day preparations An important day for everyone across the country and no more so than at Serenity School. Here you see pupils in Food Technology using project aims to design bespoke cakes and buns for their mums/carers at home. A personalised card always makes it a special gift Staff at school were delighted with […]